I am a Child of God Framed Art 1
I am a Child of God Framed Art 1

I am a Child of God Framed Art 1

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I am a Child of God.

Our Newest Design out of Our Creations DIY Workshop. 

What is Creations DIY Workshop?

Here at Latter-Daisy we opened our shop up to the local community (Rexburg) and offered a DIY workshop.  People can choose from a list of concepts that we offer and we provide all the materials to create them. They paint/stain and assemble it as a social event.  Then when they're done, they take it home!   

White-wash back, royal blue features, sky blue text, and sun-bleached frame. 

We are offering one of three options:

1. DIY at the Shop! Join an event and do it with us. (Highly Recommended)

2. DIY Take and Make. This is a take-home kit that includes only the wood pieces to paint/stain and glue or staple/nail together on your own. 

3. We make it for you.  We make it just like the photo to be picked up or shipped. (Shipping charges will apply)

Size: 20"x8"

This variation was completed by Heather Crandall.