I Believe Jesus Christ Lives

By Audra Elkington

“If belief is a choice, then it cannot be an eternal truth.”

That’s the comment I received on a recent social media post. I have been pondering the idea of choosing to believe when it comes to spiritual things. I feel strongly that when we choose to believe, we open the door for further light and knowledge. I have experienced that increase for myself.

As I considered the statement made above, I really took some time to think through the logic. And what I came to is this: Belief is an eternal truth because agency is an eternal truth. When I choose to use my God-given agency to believe in Jesus Christ, I feel assurance that it is true. I feel peace. I feel power and confidence to seek more truth.

When I seize each opportunity to affirm that Jesus Christ lives and is the Savior of us all, I strengthen my belief of these eternal truths. My affirmations might change from day to day, depending on what my circumstances are. But, each one holds power.

I “pledge total loyalty in word and deed to the Lamb of God.” (Jeffrey R Holland, Not as the World Giveth) As I repeat these words in my mind, I feel an increased desire to do what the Savior would have me do.

I am “known by Him and under His kind watchcare.” (Gary E Stevenson, Hearts Knit Together) The comfort of knowing that I have not been left to walk through trials on my own, helps me to make it through each day with faith.

“He has made it possible for all of us to be reunited as families and have eternal joy in the presence of God.” (Reyna I. Aburto, The Grave Has No Victory) As loved ones leave this earthly life, I feel peace in envisioning their reunion with those who passed on before. I also understand that our separation will not be forever and I feel a great desire to do everything I can to make sure I am reunited with them some day.

“I am beloved of the Lord.” (Ronald A Rasband, Behold! I Am a God of Miracles) When the moments of loneliness and fatigue set in, this truth holds me tight until I feel ready to move forward again.

As we use our agency to affirm the Savior’s presence in our lives, we are better able to feel Him near. We are better able to hear what the Spirit is trying to tell us. With every affirmation, we add to our armor and place ourselves in a better position to conquer evil. The opportunities to see Jesus Christ in our lives are endless, we just have to choose to believe He is there.

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