5 Powerful Truths from General Conference

By Audra Elkington

“I’m laying some big things on the Lord this weekend.”

I made that comment to several friends the week prior to General Conference. I usually like to stay open to what the Spirit has to teach me, but I’m in a seeking for answers and guidance phase. I wrote down a list of 10 questions and things I am currently needing direction on. Fully realizing that the answers I’m seeking might not come when I want them to.

Luckily, my schedule remained clear for the entire weekend and I was able to actually sit and devote most of my attention to listening to the leaders of the church. (I say most because I do have a 6 year old, so I can never give 100%. I’m sure many of you can relate.)

As I tuned in to President Nelson during his opening remarks of the Saturday morning session, the Spirit overwhelmed me with assurance that I would find what I was seeking during the next two days.

Now, I’m not claiming to have received specific answers or guidance. In fact, as I listened to a couple of the talks I became keenly aware that clarity is not always necessary. I wondered, “Why?” And then a few talks later I was gently reminded, “because revelation is ongoing.” Not really that answer I wanted, but it was an answer.

I look forward to diving a bit deeper into each talk over the coming months. But, as I look back through my notebook where I jotted down my thoughts during Conference, I can see a few repeating themes. 

Nothing is impossible with God.

His will supersedes our own desires.

The restoration is a process.

Focus on the Savior.

Pure truth does exist.

Perhaps the themes you picked up on are different from mine. I love that. It proves that Heavenly Father knows what each of us needs, individually. As Elder Holland said, “God loves His children wholeheartedly.”

When we are willing to be obedient and turn our will into His will, we will realize that He has prepared the way for us to accomplish or endure all the things we are asked to do in this life and throughout eternity. It will take much faith and swift action on our part, but the Holy Ghost will guide each of us as we seek to fulfill our divine destiny. We need not fear and tremble when we choose to follow the Savior. Let us use our agency to choose to come home to Him.

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